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Earliest Birth Year Henry Belknap  (I69)  
Birth 1424 Griffe, Warwickshire, England

Death 10 July 1488
Latest Birth Year
Earliest Death Year Margaret Doyley  (I204)  
Birth 1429 Ewedon, Hambledon, Buckinghamshire, England

Death 1449
Latest Death Year
Person who lived the longest
Cornelia Geertje Löwensteyn  (I426)  
Birth 25 April 1894 Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

Death 12 March 1995 's Gravenhage, The Netherlands
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Theodorus Cornelis van Emmerik + Theodora van der Veer  (F263X881)  
Marriage 16 October 1874 Culemborg, The Netherlands
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
van Emmerik, Löwensteyn, RIORDON, Tros
Y-DNA Identification
2 November 2014 - 5:51:42pm

Earliest known Y-DNA ancestor is Johann Koenrad Löwenstein ‎‎‎‎(I400)‎‎‎‎
Birth: ±1700 -- Darmstadt, Germany
Death: 21 October 1783 -- Deventer, The Netherlands
There may be a connection with a Hans Löwenstein who married three times ‎‎‎(1615,1626 and 1628)‎‎‎ within the Evangelisch Lutheran Militär Gemeinde in Darmstadt.
Darmstadt: 49.8710°N, 8.6490°E

The Y chromosome results identify him as a member of haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1c2b1b ‎(ISOGG)‎; 
R1b1a2a1a1a4a* and Z381>Z301>L48>L47>Z159/Z160>S3251>S6915 ‎(FTDNA)‎
or R1b-Z159 for short!
For further information on R1b1a2a1a1a3b2a2 see Wikipedia ‎‎‎(‎‎‎#R-Z159 ‎(R-U106-4a2)‎

As the research and the debates continue, the age and origins of R1b1b2a1a1d change all the time.

It now seems that R1b-U106 arose in central Europe, perhaps around Austria, and migrated to northern Europe, especially up the Rhine River, which ends up in the Netherlands, not too far from Frisia.

A problem with these theories is that they look at modern populations, not the populations of Europe about 4,000 years ago, when R1b-U106 is likely to have been "born."

There is also the problem that what we do know about R1b-U106 and its distribution in the present population of Europe is the result of a self-selection process in the testing. Most of the tests are from Americans and most Americans are descended from British Isles ancestors and perhaps secondarily from German ancestors. What would we know about the distribution of R1b-U106 in modern European locations if more people with eastern European, French, Spanish and Italian ancestry were tested? Recent testing in the Netherlands and Flanders seems to support Central European origin of R1b-U106.

It would be of great interest if other members of the Löwensteyn ‎‎‎(Löwensteijn)‎‎‎ family had their YDNA tested as to confirm this haplo type! See Family Tree DNA < >
Family Names in the Achterhoek
26 December 2010 - 10:45:21pm

Before civil registrations in the Netherlands forced everyone at the beginning of the 19th century to have a specific surname, people in the Achterhoek were often named after the farm they lived on. You can see that in the surnames in this GedCom file, such as Oonk, Colste and te Kulve. Surnames might thus change every time a person moved and this creates difficulties in tracing Achterhoek ancestors. Furthermore, when a woman did not have brothers to take over the farm, she tried to find a husband to run the farm. He would usually change his name to the name of the farm, for instance, Wessel te Kulve ‎‎‎‎(alias Hinkamp)‎, Jan te Kulve ‎‎(alias Roerdinck‎)‎ and Geert Klouwers to Geert Geelink

Voordat de burgerlijke registraties in Nederland in het begin van de 19e eeuw iedereen dwongen een bepaalde achternaam te hebben, werden mensen in de Achterhoek vaak vernoemd naar de boerderij waar ze op woonden. Je kunt dat zien in de familienamen in dit genealogies bestand, zoals Oonk, Colste en te Kulve. Familienamen veranderen dus elke keer een persoon zich verplaatste en dit leidt tot problemen bij het opsporen van Achterhoekse voorouders. Bovendien, wanneer een vrouw geen broers had om de boerderij over te nemen, probeerde zij een man te vinden om de boerderij te beheren. Hij wijzigde dan meestal zijn naam in de naam van het boerderij, bijvoorbeeld, Wessel te Kulve ‎(alias Hinkamp)‎, Jan te Kulve ‎(alias Roerdinck)‎ en Geert Klouwers in Geert Geelink.
The name / De naam Löwensteyn
26 December 2010 - 10:32:31pm

In The Netherlands the contemporary name is Löwensteyn or Löwensteijn ‎(there are differences even in the same family)‎. The Canadian Löwensteyn became through naturalization Lowensteyn, while in New Zealand the spelling is Loewensteijn. To avoid confusion I have spelled the name as Löwensteyn, except for the first two generations Löwenstein.

In Nederland is de hedendaagse spelling Löwensteyn of Löwensteijn ‎(zelfs in hetzelfde gezin)‎. De Canadese Löwensteyn is bij naturalisatie veranderd in Lowensteyn. In Nieuw Zeeland spelt men de naam Loewensteijn. Om verwarring te voorkomen heb ik de naam gespeld als Löwensteyn, behalve voor de eerste twee generaties Löwenstein.
Simplified gedcom file
24 January 2010 - 1:46:52pm

For a simplified gedcom file go to:
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Note: This gedcom file is in Dutch and was refreshed on 24 January 2010.
Dit gedcom bestand is in het Nederlands en werd bijgewerkt op 24 januari 2010.
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1 November 2007 - 10:08:25pm

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Naam Löwensteij‎(y)‎n in Nederland
27 September 2007 - 8:15:43pm

Het Meertens Instituut heeft verdere informatie over deze naam.
The Meertens Institute has further information on this name.
Ga naar /Go to
en zoek op Löwensteijn en Lowensteijn
and "zoek" ‎(search!)‎ for Löwensteijn and Lowensteijn

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19 September 2007 - 11:46:47pm

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Translation of Dutch terms
17 September 2007 - 6:28:14pm

Bron - Source
Burgerlijke stand - Civil Status
Huwelijk - Marriage
Archieflocatie - Location of Archives
Algemeen Toegangnr - General access nr
Inventarisnr - Inventory nr
Gemeente - Municipality
Soort akte - Type of Certificate
Huwelijksakte - Marriage Certificate
Geboorteakte - Birth Certificate
Overlijdensakte - Death Certificate
Aktenummer - Certificate nr
Datum - Date
Bruidegom - Groom
Bruid - Bride
Leeftijd - Age
Geboorteplaats - Place of Birth
Vader - Father
Moeder - Mother
Nadere informatie - Additional information
Beroep - Occupation
Weduwe - Widow
Weduwnaar - Widower
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Lowensteyn Family

25 November 2014 - 5:58:26pm

On This Day ...
Guillaume Therrien + Éméranthe Érmélie Carreau (F808X157)
Marriage - 25 November 1828 (186 year anniversary)
Iberville, QC

Michiel Janssen + Cornelia van Emmerik ‎‎‎(2)‎‎‎ (F342X231)
Marriage - 25 November 1836 (178 year anniversary)
Culemborg, The Netherlands

Harmine NijenhuijsFemale (I1823)
Death - 25 November 1839 (175 year anniversary)
Barchem, Laren, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Gabrielle Marguerite MignotFemale (I590)
Death - 25 November 1707 (307 year anniversary)
St. Jean, Ile d'Orleans, Montmorency, PQ, Canada

Elizabeth WhiteFemale (I914)
Death - 25 November 1700 (314 year anniversary)
Lynn, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Michael Gould-Adams + Martha White (F1213)
Marriage - 25 November 1800 (214 year anniversary)
Castle May

Daniel Emmerik ‎‎‎(2)‎‎‎Male (I233)
Birth - 25 November 1803 (211 year anniversary)
Culemborg, The Netherlands

Catharina Maria FlissebaaljeFemale (I1428)
Birth - 25 November 1886 (128 year anniversary)
Vlssingen, The Netherlands

Johanna Maria Emmanuella HeldoornFemale (I318)
Birth - 25 November 1907 (107 year anniversary)
's Gravenhage, The Netherlands

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