Lowensteyn Family


Alida Gerardina TrosAge: 81 years18991981

Alida Gerardina Tros
Birth August 23, 1899 40 34
Death of a maternal grandfatherAlbert Nijenhuis
August 24, 1904 (Age 5 years)
Source: Burgerlijke Stand
Death of a maternal grandmotherEngelina Oonk
March 15, 1905 (Age 5 years)
Source: Burgerlijke Stand
Birth of a son
Frederik Johan Wilhelm “Fried” Löwensteyn
September 28, 1922 (Age 23 years)
Death of a fatherPieter Johannes Tros (2)
April 1, 1936 (Age 36 years)
Death of a husbandFrederik Johan Wilhelm Löwensteyn
January 8, 1951 (Age 51 years)
Cause: Stroke
Death of spouse Frederik Johan Wilhelm /Loewensteyn/ January 8, 1951 (Age 51 years)

Death of a motherAaltjen Nijenhuis
February 17, 1952 (Age 52 years)
Death of a brotherJohan Albert “Jan” Tros (5)
October 30, 1958 (Age 59 years)
Address: de la Reystraat 7 Arnhem, The Nethgerlands
Death of a sisterEngelina Margaretha “Lien” Tros
May 12, 1979 (Age 79 years)
Death May 12, 1981 (Age 81 years)
Cause of death: Cancer
mtDNA February 20, 2010 (28 years after death)

Note: If the direct matrilineal connection between Peter Lowensteyn (I538) and Enneken Geelink (I1919) is …
AddressWoonde in Arnhem, Haarlem, Schoten, Amsterdam (Centaurusstraat 6hs [tot 1934], Ploegstraat 131 [tot 1956], en Spaanse Brabanderstraat 6 [tot 1960]), Hillegom (Valkslootlaan), Zeist (Anna Paulownalaan, en de Clomp 'De Grote Koppel" 14-32)yes

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Marriage: November 13, 1891Winterswijk, The Netherlands
13 months
elder brother
16 months
elder sister
Engelina Margaretha Tros
Birth: March 1894 35 28Arnhem, The Netherlands
Death: September 2, 1894Winterswijk, The Netherlands
16 months
elder sister
4 years
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If the direct matrilineal connection between Peter Lowensteyn (I538) and Enneken Geelink (I1919) is correct then she was mtDNA T2. All direct female descendants from her must therefore also be mtDNA T2. If you are the first male descendant from a direct female descendant of Enneken Geelink (like myself) you are also T2. This is, however, not passed on to your offspring.

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Note: Frederik Johan Wilhelm, Fried, Alida Tros-Löwensteyn
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Note: Montreal - Man and his World * Peter, Ilka, Oma Löwensteyn, Darren, Wanda - 1978
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Note: Alida Tros and Peter Löwensteyn, Schiphol, 8 April 1959
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02 copy.jpg
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Note: Alida Tros holding Peter Löwensteyn (1935)
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Note: From left to right:
Media objectLidmaatschap JGOBLidmaatschap JGOB
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Note: Montreal, Canada 1961 with/met Janny Heldoorn
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Note: Ontario - Canada - 1961 met/with Peter Lowensteyn en/and Janny Heldoorn
Media objectRosemere, 25 June 1978Rosemere, 25 June 1978
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Note: Ilka Lowensteyn, Alida Tros
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Note: Schoolfoto
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Note: Schoolfoto
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Note: Op kantoor in Velsen / In the office, Velsen (±1920)
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Note: In the control room of the Carillon Dam of Hydro Québec
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Note: In Rosemere with Ilka and Darren