The Letter

"Have you seen everything?" asked Mother. She had finally found her children again. Antje told her excitedly about all that had happened to them: her lookout on the shoulder of the man, and how they had seen the arrival of St. Nicholas. For her it was like going to a party.

Jan was quiet. He was still thinking about how St. Nicholas had looked at him.

"Hold on to me," said Mother, afraid of losing her children again. "I have to do some shopping, and perhaps we'll meet St. Nicholas some-where."

Jan didn't know if he would like that...

It had become dark and fog was drifting through the streets. The stores seemed cozier and warmer for it. There were St. Nicholas and Black Peter figures everywhere.

"Look here, look there." Antje stopped at every window, pointing at the toys she would like to get.

They entered a pastry shop. Mmm, it smelled good inside. Speculaas dolls, marzipan animals, chocolate cars and a St. Nicholas made of fudge were all spread out on a long table.

When Mother had finished her shopping, she said: "Let's go home, and write a letter to St. Nicholas so he'll know your wishes.

A little later Jan sat bent over a sheet of paper, while Antje was busy drawing the toys she wanted most. Jan was biting his pen, not knowing how to start. How does one write to a holy bishop? Is it proper to ask him something for yourself? Finally Jan took his pen and wrote:

Dear St. Nicholas:

How are you? I saw you today. You know what I'm like, don't you? Now always too good, but not really mean either. I am trying hard to be good, sometimes. That's why I would like to get something from you. No toys or goodies. I would like a young dog, a pup with brown curly hair. Bye St. Nicholas.


Jan knew Dad didn't want a dog, but he was hoping he would let him keep it if St. Nicholas gave him one.

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