The Visit

Jan and Antje had been tucked in by Mother.

"Only one more night," said Antje.

"Yes," said Mother, " tomorrow night will be St. Nicholas Eve."

"We better wear our best clothes," said Antje, "because St. Nicholas will come to school tomorrow, even in Kindergarten."

Mother agreed and took Antje's red velvet dress and Jan's best sweater from the closet.

"Alright, now go to sleep, then it'll soon be tomorrow." Mother kissed the children good night and turned the light off.

Jan and Antje were much too excited to sleep, however. Jan kept thinking of Hank who already had gotten a crane and would surely get more big gifts - all because he did not have a father. And then there was Linda who had gotten a doll carriage and probably other beautiful things, because she was always sick.

It would be better to have a father who played with you and he'd rather be healthy so he could run outside, even if it meant not getting big presents. But what about a dog? I'd rather have a Dad, than a dog, thought Jan, but still, but still....

Miss Smid, the teacher, read a story in class because not one of the children could concentrate on work. St. Nicholas and Black Peter would arrive any moment now...

Boom - boom - bang - bang! A shock went through the class. All heads turned to the door.

Boom - boom - bang - bang! Almost every child in the class swallowed, and swallowed again, because there behind the window in the door appeared a feather and a beret, then came the staff of gold and at last a red hat, or mitre. It was ever so quiet in the class.

"Yes, come in," said Miss Smid .

She turned to the children: "Let's sing 'Welcome St. Nicholas'."

Saint and Pete walked in very solemnly while the class sang to them.

"We are very satisfied about this class," said St. Nicholas. "I do not have much time, but I would like to talk to the children if I may. In the mean time, Peter will hand out small parcels to all of you. Tonight I will bring the bigger presents. These are just little things."

And with that he went around the class and chatted with Harriet , Bobbie, Jack and Susie.


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