The Farewell Song

More gifts for Mother, for Antje, Grandma.

For Jan? A chocolate letter. He tried to look happy. Everybody got more than he did. Hadn't he been good after all? St. Nicholas had not mentioned it in the store or at school. At last there was only one small parcel left in the basket. "For Jan" it said. It came with a poem:

You'd like to get a little dog

St. Nicholas found out.

He looked around but all in vain

He could not find a pup.

So here's a dog of marzipan

Hope he will cheer you up.

Jan nodded and blinked his eyes. He didn't want to cry.

"There's just one other note in the basket," said Father. "For you, Jan. It says: 'There are two more presents for you, one right in this room, and another one in the kitchen."

Jan looked around but he saw nothing strange, and the basket was empty.

"Go to the kitchen," said Mother.

They all watched while Jan slowly walked through the hall. There was a slight noise as if a mouse was scratching at the kitchen door.

"Ruff, ruff." Out jumped a dog. It was the darlingest little pup, brown and furry, with big brown eyes. It jumped straight into Jan's arms, who finally let out a shout:

"Mother, Dad!"

"And now your second present," said Dad.

Only now did Jan notice it. Of course, the basket which had carried the presents was a dog basket!

That night two children were dreaming about dolls and dogs and St. Nicholas who would hopefully come back next year. In their sleep they were humming the traditional farewell song: "Dag Sinterklaasje...."

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