Lowensteyn Family

Cornelis Hendrik Schols + Gesina Maria Löwensteyn

4 children
Hendrik Schols
Birth: 1855 28 32Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Death: October 18, 1860Gouda, The Netherlands

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Family group information
Marriage February 16, 1848
Source: Genlias
Number of childrenyes

Note: Gesina Maria Löwensteyn died 30 september 1859 in Gouda.

Jan Simon Löwensteyn (1887-1947) wrote a short history of his father Jan Simon Löwensteyn (1850-1944) who was the son of Jacob Löwensteyn (1817-1886) who was the brother of Gesina Maria Löwensteyn. Below follows a short excerpt pertaining to Cornelis Hendrik Schols and Gesina Maria.

...In those days (1860's) Jan Simon and his father Jacob visited an uncle by marriage in Amsterdam, Cornelis Hendrik Schols, who was married to a sister of Jacob, Gesina Martha (sic). Schols was "Commandeur" [not clear what is meant with that term, as Schols was a ships carpenter. PL] at the Navy shipyards in Amsterdam, who was to depart for the US later... Jan S. writes that he was 14 years when he made that visit, but later research of the births and marriage of Schols and Gesina Martha (sic) revealed that they and four children moved to Gouda in 1859 and that Gesina died there on 30 September 1859. The family and three of the children (Schols married for the second time with T.S. Dijkstra) moved back to Amsterdam and went to the United States in 1865 (sic).. Jan Simon (1887-1947) writes that his father must have been mistaken or did not know any better than that the 2nd wife of Schols was his aunt Gesina, or he must have been much younger when he made that visit and that the departure to "Amerika" (sic) was postponed... [Comments by Peter Lowensteyn 17 september 2007: This anecdotal report has some of the details wrong, such as the second name of Gesina Maria, as well as the actual year of emigration, 1869. Also Schols was not a "Commandeur" but just a carpenter.]

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