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Johanna Helena “Janny - Hans” HeldoornAge: 62 years19341996

Johanna Helena “Janny - Hans” Heldoorn
Given names
Johanna Helena
Janny - Hans
Birth April 9, 1934 32 32
Death of a fatherAntonius Franciscus Heldoorn
December 6, 1941 (Age 7 years)
Cause: Unknown
Death of a maternal grandmotherJohanna Helena van Zanten
July 10, 1943 (Age 9 years)
Source: Gemeentearchief Delft
Death of a maternal grandfatherJohannes Marinus van Emmerik
January 27, 1951 (Age 16 years)
Source: Gemeeentearchief Delft
Emigration April 20, 1955 (Age 21 years)
Birth of a son
Darren Jan Lowensteyn
December 1, 1968 (Age 34 years)

Note: Titel:A social history of the Dutch in Quebec (Engels)

Note: CAMMAC • http://cammac.ca/en
Adoption of a sonDarren Jan Lowensteyn
May 5, 1970 (Age 36 years)
Death of a motherTheodora Johanna van Emmerik
March 7, 1973 (Age 38 years)
Cause: Cancer
Master of Arts
1986 (Age 51 years)
School or college: Concordia University
Death November 8, 1996 (Age 62 years)
Cause of death: Embolism
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Marriage: September 28, 1926Delft, The Netherlands
8 years
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Titel:A social history of the Dutch in Quebec (Engels) http://www.lowensteyn.com/dutchque/

Auteur:Johanna H. Lowensteyn

Beschrijving: This study analyses the history of people of Dutch origin in the province of Quebec, Canada, in terms of settlement patterns, immigration experience, economic and socio-cultural development and integration. Attention is given to the rural/urban distinction.

J.H. Lowensteyn, “A Social History of the Dutch in Quebec,” (M.A. thesis, Concordia University, 1986)

Origins and Development of the Laurenval School Board The Sentinel, Volume 8, Number 2, May 1992 http://www.lowensteyn.com/edu/origins.html


CAMMAC • http://cammac.ca/en Article:

In the late 60's George Little thought that it would be interesting for CAMMAC members to go to an ISME Conference (International Society for Music Education), first of all, because there are many groups of amateurs in the schools and universities who participate in these conferences and secondly, since CAMMAC has always had an interest in teaching music, it would be interesting to see what is being done in music education around the world. George thought that there should be a place for more contact between amateur musicians who wish to make music together. Traditionally, the music educators attending ISME conferences (teachers at the elementary, secondary and university levels) were content to attend lectures on musicology or the latest music methods, etc. and listen to concerts given by some of the best choirs and instrumental groups the world has to offer. The attendees rarely made music themselves.

He and his wife Madeleine spoke of the project to Janny Lowensteyn, a longtime member of CAMMAC. She was a travel agent with Guy Tombs and was most enthusiastic about George's idea. So a three-member committee was set up: George and Madeleine Little, and Janny Lowensteyn. George looked after choosing the music, Madeleine worked on contacting amateur music groups from various countries, which was pure detective work, and Janny looked after the travel arrangements. Later on others took over from George, Madeleine, and Janny. Presently Pierre Perron is leading the tours.

The first CAMMAC Tour took place in 1970 and members attended the ISME Conference in Moscow. With a few exceptions CAMMAC has organized tours in conjunction with ISME Conferences since.

What is a CAMMAC TOUR?

It is an organized tour for adult CAMMAC members which provides opportunities for:

attending concerts of choral and instrumental music performed by choirs and chamber musicians/orchestras of international calibre visiting places of touristic and musical interest (composers' homes, museums of musical instruments, churches of historical and musical significance)making music under the leadership of professional musicians while traveling (for those who wish to do so during the tour) making music with amateur musicians from other countries singing together in a choir or playing in an instrumental ensemble taking part in the ISME conferences (International Society for Music Education) including numerous concerts, lectures, demonstrations and music-making workshops, some of which are organized and directed by CAMMAC. These tours usually take place every two years during the summer months on the occasion of the ISME World Conference. There have been 15 CAMMAC TOURS to date: 1. 1970 - Japan - Expo '70 and Russia - ISME in Moscow 2. 1972 - France and Tunisia - ISME in Tunisia 1974 - No CAMMAC Tour - ISME in Perth, Western Australia 3. 1976 - France, Switzerland and Italy - ISME in Montreux, Switzerland 1978 - No CAMMAC Tour - ISME in London, Ontario, Canada 4. 1980 - Poland, Hungary, Austria and Germany - ISME in Warsaw, Poland 5. 1981 - Special CAMMAC Tour "MOZART!" - Austria and Hungary 6. 1982 - Holland, Belgium, England and Wales - ISME in Bristol, England 7. 1983 - Special CAMMAC Tour "The Arts in Italy" 1984 - No CAMMAC Tour - ISME in Eugene, Oregon, USA 8. 1985 - Special CAMMAC Tour "In the Steps of Bach" - Germany 9. 1986 - Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia - ISME in Innsbruck, Austria 10. 1988 - Australia and New Zealand - ISME in Brisbane, Australia 11. 1990 - Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia - ISME in Helsinki 12. 1992 - Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand - ISME in Seoul, Korea 13. 1993 - Special CAMMAC "Tour de France" - Paris, Southern France 1994 - No CAMMAC Tour - ISME in Tampa, Florida, USA 14. 1996 - Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic - ISME in Amsterdam Janny's last Tour) 1998 - No CAMMAC Tour - ISME in Pretoria, South Africa 15. 2000 - Western Canada and Alaska - ISME in Edmonton 16. 2001 - Music Festivals in England

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Note: Janny Heldoorn and her mother on the market square in Delft / en haar moeder op het marktplein in Delft
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Note: Janny Heldoorn and her father / en haar vader
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