Lowensteyn Family


Pieter Johannes Tros (2)Age: 77 years18581936

Pieter Johannes Tros (2)
Given names
Pieter Johannes
Name suffix
Birth November 22, 1858 32 31
Death of a paternal grandfatherJan Tros (4)
November 4, 1859 (Age 11 months)

Birth of a brotherJohannes Cornelis Tros
March 2, 1862 (Age 3 years)
Death of a brotherJohannes Cornelis Tros
January 30, 1863 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherJohannes Petrus Tros
March 16, 1864 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a brotherWillem Cornelis Tros
October 11, 1865 (Age 6 years)
Death of a motherMargaretha Grietje Pietersdochter Vloon
June 22, 1871 (Age 12 years)
Marriage of a parentJohannes Tros (2)Helena KoppeView this family
October 29, 1871 (Age 12 years)
Source: Genlias
Birth of a half-sisterJohanna Dorethea Maria Tros
July 12, 1873 (Age 14 years)
Birth of a half-sisterAnna Maria Tros
October 3, 1874 (Age 15 years)
Birth of a half-sisterAlida Johanna Tros
November 9, 1876 (Age 17 years)
MarriageAaltjen NijenhuisView this family
November 13, 1891 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a son
Johan Albert “Jan” Tros (5)
December 14, 1892 (Age 34 years)
Source: Gelders Archief
Birth of a daughter
Engelina Margaretha Tros
March 1894 (Age 35 years)
Death of a daughterEngelina Margaretha Tros
September 2, 1894 (Age 35 years)
Source: Genlias
Birth of a daughter
Engelina Margaretha “Lien” Tros
June 23, 1895 (Age 36 years)
Birth of a daughter
Alida Gerardina Tros
August 23, 1899 (Age 40 years)
Marriage of a childJohan Albert “Jan” Tros (5)Elizabeth “Lise” CramaView this family
September 6, 1917 (Age 58 years)
Source: Digitale Stamboom Kennemerland
Marriage of a childJohannes HazelhorstEngelina Margaretha “Lien” TrosView this family
Type: Civil marriage
May 15, 1919 (Age 60 years)
Source: Burgerlijke Stand
Note: [bron: huwelijksakte Johannes Hazelhorst en Engelina Margaretha Tros Haarlem 1919 Nr 179]

Note: Socialism came relatively late to the Netherlands, because of its slow industrialization. In the 186…
Railroad Strike of 1903yes

Note: Pieter Johannes Tros lost his job as locomotive machinist in the famous railroad strike of 1903.
Death April 1, 1936 (Age 77 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: May 21, 1854Alkmaar, The Netherlands
10 months
elder sister
2 years
elder brother
Petrus Johannes Tros
Birth: August 22, 1857 31 30Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Death: January 30, 1858Alkmaar, The Netherlands
15 months
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
19 months
younger brother
Father’s family with Helena Koppe - View this family
Marriage: October 29, 1871Alkmaar, The Netherlands
20 months
15 months
2 years
Family with Aaltjen Nijenhuis - View this family
Marriage: November 13, 1891Winterswijk, The Netherlands
13 months
16 months
Engelina Margaretha Tros
Birth: March 1894 35 28Arnhem, The Netherlands
Death: September 2, 1894Winterswijk, The Netherlands
16 months
4 years


Socialism came relatively late to the Netherlands, because of its slow industrialization. In the 1860s a socialist movement began to develop. Although the socialists were aided by the foundation of the First International and of the first Dutch trade unions, united in the Algemeen Nederlands Werklieden Vereniging, a socialist party was not founded until 1881, when the Social Democratic League was founded. The slow industrialization was reflected in the support base of the first socialist parties. It wasn't the urban proletariat which supported them most, instead it were agricultural workers, who were the first to support the League.

Before the First World War, the socialist movement saw two major spilts: in 1894 between revolutionary anarchists and parliament-oriented socialists. The latter left the League to found the Social-Democratic Workers' Party, while the former kept control of the SDB, which was soon banned by the government. The second split was between a revolutionary Marxist opposition and a reformist-revisionist establishment. In 1907 the opposition group left the SDAP to found the Social-Democratic Party, which would become the Communist Party of the Netherlands (CPN) after the Russian Revolution. This was one of the first splits between reformists and revolutionaries within the European labour movement. Both the revolutionaries and the reformists have their own labour unions, the reformist Nederlands Verbond van Vakverenigingen and the anarcho-syndicalist Nationaal Arbeidssecretariaat.

Railroad Strike of 1903

Pieter Johannes Tros lost his job as locomotive machinist in the famous railroad strike of 1903.

In January 1903, a large strike broke out in the harbour sector, out of solidarity other sectors like the railway sector struck too. The employers reacted by firing the strikers. Years of oppression of socialism and labour unions let to a huge revolt. The strikers demanded re-employing of fired strikers, payment of wages for the striking days and the acceptance of labour unions. The surprised directors of the railway companies accepted the demands. Meanwhile the confessional cabinet led by Kuyper wanted to end the strike by posing harsh penalties against the strikers, because the strike struck vital industries.

Initially the SDAP supported the strike, hoping it would spark a socialist revolution. But in reaction to the government legislation, moderate party members, including Troelstra, turned against the strikes. This led to a controversy between orthodox Marxists and moderate revisionists.

The strike ended the cooperation of socialist unions with confessional unions and the social democratic SDAP and anarchists of other organizations. The strike however didn't only lead to breaches. The labour unions were prepared to unite and work together with the SDAP. The Dutch Federation of Trade Unions (Nederlandsch Verbond van Vakvereenigingen, NVV) was founded in 1905 by Henri Polak.


Source Civil register - Marriage Archive location Gelders Archief General Number of finding aid: 0207 Item number: 2469 Municipality: Winterswijk Type of record: Huwelijksakte Record number: 72 Registration date: 13-11-1891 Groom Pieter Johannes Tros Age: 32 Place of birth: Alkmaar Bride Aaltjen Nijenhuis Age: 26 Place of birth: Winterswijk Father groom Johannes Tros Mother groom Grietje Vloon Father bride Albert Nijenhuis Mother bride Engelina Oonk Additional information beroep bg.: machinist; beroep bruid: zonder beroep; beroep vader bg.: houtzager; beroep moeder bg.: geen beroep vermeld; beroep vader bd.: arbeider; beroep moeder bd.: zonder beroep

Railroad Strike of 1903A famous cartoon in the socialist paper Het Volk. It reads: The whole machinery stops, if your mighty hand wills it so!A famous cartoon in the socialist paper Het Volk. It reads: The whole machinery stops, if your mighty hand wills it so!
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Note: v.l.n.r.: Johan Albert Tros, Alida Gerardina Tros en Engelina Margaretha Tros
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Note: v.l.n.r.: Engelina Margaretha Tros, Johan Albert Tros en Alida Gerardina Tros
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